Gremlins Kingston Falls Sport Women's T-Shirt - Black - L


Our Gremlins Kingston Falls Sport Women's T-Shirt is a must-have product, its style enhanced by exclusivity. Printed by industry experts, it captures the eye with a prominent graphic on a Black unisex garment.(This product — and our entire collection — has been ethically sourced, and considerations such as these will make you glad that you shopped at this site.) High-quality cotton teeSuitable for washing machinesPlease consult the label for information regarding tumble-dryingMedium-thickness cottonSimiliarly, this item continues to excel with a comfortable fit, its proportions being slightly exaggerated. If you're looking for something slightly less snug, please order a size up.Make sure to follow these three rules when looking after a Mogwai or you will have trouble on your hands. Don't put it near light. Don't let it get wet. Do Not feed it after midnight.

  • Gremlins

  • Levertijd:
  • 18 days

  • EAN Code:
  • 5059479294170

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Prijs: € 19.99

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