Gremlins Spike's Glasses Men's T-Shirt - Grey - M


This fantastic Gremlins Spike's Glasses Men's T-Shirt, a product defined by style, is exclusive to site patrons. Emphasising high-quality design, it features a clear graphic on a Grey background.(Our ethical approach ensures that all our products have been responsibly sourced, so you can enjoy this clever design without fretting about its origins.) Polyester and Cotton BlendSuitable for washing machinesPlease consult the lable before tumble-dryingMedium-thickness attireRegardless of your body shape, our items offer a relaxed fit to satisfy both men and women. On the hunt for something larger? Please select a size above your regular.Make sure to follow these three rules when looking after a Mogwai or you will have trouble on your hands. Don't put it near light. Don't let it get wet. Do Not feed it after midnight.

  • Gremlins

  • Levertijd:
  • 18 days

  • EAN Code:
  • 5059479293982

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Prijs: € 19.99

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