Stranger Things x Alex Hovey Vecna Illustration Embroidered Denim Jacket - Black - M - Zwart


Dive into the Upside Down with the latest season of Stranger Things. Set six months after the Battle of Starcourt, Hawkins is recovering and the supernatural horrors are in the past, but the gang still struggle with the aftermath - not made any easier by being separated, trying to live normal teenage lives. A new threat is stirring though, one that has lain dormant for untold years - and that may threaten the safety of Hawkins once more. Our Officially Licensed range takes the new rock-culture vibe of the series to bring you the best Stranger Things apparel and accessories! Retro style, modern comfort - denim jackets are making their way back in style and these are no exception. With panelled designs and sleek, comfortable fit, there's one for everyone. Product Fit: Classic regular fit Sizes XS-XXL Composition: 100% Cotton

  • Stranger Things

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